• A monitor is a requirement of all Sun City West clubs. If there is no monitor, the club room must be closed.
  • Our club requires members to monitor 3 times from each calendar year to maintain membership status.
  • One may sign up to monitor for a morning session.
  • ​The club maintains monitoring records.
  • Monitoring enables members to use the basket room & its tools, purchase individual tools & supplies, & use patterns & molds.

Monitoring Procedures

  1. When signing up, write your phone #, including area code, on the calendar.
  2. If for some reason you cannot fulfill your monitoring duty, PLEASE try to find a replace or switch with some one else. If no monitor arrives, the basket room will be closed.
  3. If at least two members still wish to use the room, they will need to pick up the key from the pool and return it after unlocking the door. One of the members must wear the monitor badge. However, the store, all cupboards, and the copy machine will remain closed. No monitoring credit will be given.